Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering and Suspension Repair in Spokane, Washington

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Does Your Suspension Need Service?

The streets of Spokane, WA, cause suspension components like coil springs, sway bars, shocks, and struts to weaken. Hit a pothole or speed bump going too fast; the next thing you know, you require steering and suspension repair. But who should you call? Veteran-owned Nef’s Auto Repair stands ready to help with all your auto service needs. Don’t wait to call. Steering and suspension problems lead to unsafe driving conditions and cost you big down the road. Be aware of warning signs like an off-center steering wheel, loose steering, or a vehicle pulling to one side. A bouncy or noisy suspension indicates your car needs steering and suspension repair when hitting bumps. Don’t spend time on Google trying to self-diagnose the problem. Come to Nef’s, and our certified technicians will quickly pinpoint the problem and outline our recommendations. Stay ahead of emergency repairs by scheduling vehicle maintenance services with us. Services such as brake repair, wheel alignments, and tire service allow our pros to inspect the suspension system for problems before they become catastrophic. Depend on us to restore your comfort, safety, and confidence behind the wheel.