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Transmission Repair in Spokane, Washington

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Warning Signs Your Transmission Needs Help

Your transmission transfers power from your engine to the wheels putting your vehicle in motion. While routine maintenance protects your transmission, it is not immune to breakdowns, so transmission repair services may be needed. Who can you trust with transmission services in Spokane, WA? Drivers look to Nef’s Auto Repair, a veteran-owned auto repair shop where customer service comes first! Visiting our shop for routine maintenance like a transmission fluid flush, filter replacement or cleaning, and transmission pan cleaning is the best way to maintain the health of your vehicle. If you find it hard shifting, hear the gears grinding, experience a burning smell, or notice transmission fluid leaking, that’s your car telling you to come into Nefs for a transmission fix. An illuminated check engine light can also show transmission problems, so scheduling check engine light diagnostics should be next on your to-do list—no need to self-diagnose the problem. Bringing your vehicle to Nef’s Auto Repair for professional transmission repairs ensures the problem is quickly fixed so you can safely return to the road.