Squeaky Brakes? You Might Need Brake Repair

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Never Ignore These Signs of Brake Repair

One auto repair service that you should never, ever put off is having your brakes inspected. Efficiently working brakes could mean the difference between avoiding a potential collision and getting into a fender-bender.

Thankfully, most cars will give you a heads-up if there’s an issue with the brakes. Whether it’s a shrill squeal or a strange smell, it’s essential never to ignore the warning signs of bad brakes. If you’re noticing any of these red flags, book a brake repair service appointment at Nef’s Auto Repair in Spokane, WA, right away.

Illuminated Brake Light on the Dashboard

Many of today’s modern vehicles have a brake indicator light that will pop up on the dash if there is an issue with the brakes. An engaged emergency brake might also trigger this light to go on. If you disengage the e-brake and your brake light is still illuminated, make an appointment with an automotive technician sooner rather than later.

Squealing or Squeaking Sounds

Have you noticed high-pitched noises coming from your car when you apply pressure to the brake pedal? This could mean that your brake pads are worn out. Those shrill, metallic sounds mean they’re rubbing against the rotor.

While loud squeaks shouldn’t be an immediate cause for concern, it’s still a good idea to have your brakes thoroughly inspected. However, if you’re hearing grinding noises coming from the brakes, make an appointment right away. Grinding noises could spell trouble.

Vibrating While Braking

Another noticeable symptom of faulty brakes is when your vehicle wobbles, vibrates or scrapes while you’re driving it. Is your steering wheel shaky? Do you notice vibrating when you try to stop your car? This may mean that you need to replace your rotors.

To effectively function, brake rotors need to be smooth and completely even in thickness. If your rotors are worn down, you need to get them placed immediately.

The Breakdown on Brake Repair

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms we listed above, contact Nef’s Auto Repair in Spokane, WA, now to schedule a brake repair service appointment. If your brakes are faulty, it could put you and your passengers in harm’s way.

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Written by Nef's Auto Repair